So here’s my proposal. 
We need to be committed. 
This engagement will be global.
We need more Peace
And we don’t Need beef
Problems can be solutions 
If we recycle and repeat. 
We need Less flying
We need less buying
Everythings on Amazon
But the Amazon is dying. 
We have all we need. 
Even a Cardi B 
But we need to offset
There is no Planet B 

So let’s be migos. 
Put people over diesel. 
Eco over ego. 
Equal over Evil. 
Cause we’re all stars in this life, no sequel
And this is our last shot
See them coming with them needles
Got college PhD’s but sounding so ignat
They should know 2 degrees makes a huge difference
So use your eyes, listen to the science
Cause this is man made and we need mankind

Let the earth capsize to a heart that transcends 
Together like Pangea we can do it again
History proves humans have always been profound
Once the earth keeps spinning 

We can turn this around.

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